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April 14, 2007

Who Framed Charlie Daniels

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I cannot tell a lie:  it was I.

I shot him as well, but thank goodness, it wasn’t his fiddlin’ hand. 

Thanks for stopping by, Charlie.







April 1, 2007

Pete Parrot grows to 35 pounds

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Pete Parrot grows to 35 pounds

In Animal Planet’s program “Most Extreme Animals: Smartest”, parrots are ranked #1 as the world’s smartest animals. Not only have parrots demonstrated intelligence through scientific testing of their language using ability, but some species of parrot are also highly skilled at using tools and solving puzzles.

Of course, you probably knew that.

What you might not know is that studies have shown that some parrots are able to associate words with their meanings and form simple sentences (see Alex and N’kisi).  While parrots have the distinction of being able to mimic human speech, an argument against the supposed intelligent capabilities of bird species has been that birds have a relatively small cerebral cortex, which is the part of the brain considered to be the main area of intelligence in other animals.

However, it seems that birds use a different part of their brain, the medio-rostral neostriatum/hyperstriatum ventrale, as the seat of their intelligence. Research has shown that one species in particular tends to have the largest hyperstriata, that being the talkative Carolina Parrot. ( T. Carolinensis ).

A few years ago, I began experimenting with adding a sprinkling of a popular lawn fertilizer product into the seed bins of two of my Carolinas. ( The diet of parrots consists of seeds, fruit, nectar and pollen and to a lesser degree animal prey. Without question the most important of these to most true parrots and cockatoos are seeds. ) 

Both parrots seemed to grow about 25% larger than a half dozen other birds I kept on normal diets. 

When one of my special diet birds produced offspring, I continued adding the fertilizer product with the seeds and other food.  I now call my “enhanced” diet GLAM, for Grow Like A Miracle.

Now I’ve added one additional enrichment to the GLAM: oxygenation.  I’ve induced pure oxygen into the water, fruit, nectar and general feeding environment of the parrots in much the same way you add oxygen to your fish tank.  The only difference is, I am using compressed oxygen from a medical supply firm.  For this idea I have to give credit to the Discovery Channel and their revelation that earth’s atmosphere was once much richer in oxygen than it is now and the higher oxygen content was probably the reason for the enormous size of plant life and animals in the mesozoic era.

And the birds are growing.  Pete, 4 years old, is now 35 pounds and stands as tall as a penguin.  Mary, the female, is 28 pounds.

I’m sure there are many bird lovers out there who have made similar experiments.  I know they’ve done it with pumpkins.  Perhaps someone has had success with a hamster.

That’s what I’d like to know. 

I’m ready to try adding ionic minerals to the water.  Has anyone tried this yet?

Here’s a Yonko Shot of Pete with my neighbor’s son, Jonathan.  Pete likes kids and loves to sing “Wheels on the bus”.  Actually, he doesn’t know the whole song, he just says “wheels on the bus’, but he says it in the right place most of the time. 

Mary is also in the picture, but in the background, so you can’t really tell.  That spot of red behind Jonathan’s ear is Mary’s beak.


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