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March 29, 2007

Black Points # 2

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Black Point #2

Each time I visit Black Point, I think of fishing.  Not because of the water, or the people there who are actually fishing, or the possibility of going fishing myself.  I am there, I see nothing, yet I want to catch something.  It is just like fishing.

Yesterday, I went to Black Point with a single purpose in mind:  to capture a white headed brown pelican.  Not asking for much.  Just a few shots.  I went late in the afternoon so that the sundown light would illuminate the bird in flight.  The tide was high, the sky was lightly pastel cloudy.  The sign post with no sign was surrounded by water.  There were no bicycles leaning against it.  There were forty, fifty or sixty seagulls flying low above the water, flocked together, searching for dinner.  One scooped a single fish from the top of the water.  The others caught nothing.

Neither did I. 

It was not a good day for fishing at Black Point.  The pelicans must have known, for while there seem always to be a half dozen or more working the bay, today there were none. 

I rescued a piece of driftwood instead.  Not any piece, but the piece everyone uses as a combination park bench – cutting board – table.  It was loose, floating by the water’s edge.  Probably loosened by some thoughtless someone who saw no value in this old 2 by 12 board, or someone so mean spirited as to want to deprive the great tens of people who visit this almost desolate spot from an unsharp place to rest and watch the general emptiness. 


I dragged it out of the water and propped one end up on a piece of coral rock, the way it used to be.  Only now, the spike that previously had anchored it to the land no longer did so.  The spike was there, at the end of the board, more visible than before, but no longer functioning. 

The sky was changing.  The light was fading.  I took a few pictures of the rusty spike, complete with its own personal rusting washer, protruding from the end of the board, for some unspecific reason.  It was just like fishing.


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